Doob's new house !

Photos of the house.
It's his now - as of September 24th!

The address:
3164 Todd Way, San Jose CA 95124
(408) 377-6632

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Doob was represented by Mark Burstein (

Image PictureX004.jpg     Image PictureX005.jpg
Who turned out the lights? (See the car in the window?) Living room and entryway.

Image PictureX006.jpg     Image PictureX007.jpg     Image PictureX008.jpg
The bar. The bar. The panelling is going, as is the T-bar ceiling. The bar, again.

Image PictureX009.jpg

Image PictureX010.jpg     Image PictureX011.jpg     Image PictureX012.jpg
PictureX010 PictureX011 PictureX012

Image PictureX013.jpg     Image PictureX014.jpg     Image PictureX015.jpg
Skylight in the kitchen ... which of course wants new appliances and granite... PictureX014 PictureX015

Image PictureX016.jpg     Image PictureX017.jpg
PictureX016 PictureX017

Image PictureX018.jpg

Image PictureX019.jpg     Image PictureX020.jpg     Image PictureX021.jpg
The somewhat claustrophobic back yard would be helped by some french doors or a big slider to create a way to use some of the living room as outside space during a party... cuz there ain't much room to hang out on the patio.. but who cares? It has a huge pool... PictureX021

Image PictureX022.jpg     Image PictureX023.jpg     Image PictureX024.jpg
PictureX022 PictureX023 Jacuzzi

Image PictureX025.jpg     Image PictureX026.jpg     Image PictureX027.jpg
PictureX025 PictureX026 PictureX027

Image PictureX028.jpg     Image PictureX029.jpg     Image PictureX030.jpg
Don't trip coming outside ... PictureX029 w/ access to the master bdr

Image PictureX031.jpg     Image PictureX032.jpg
PictureX031 PictureX032

Image PictureX033.jpg     Image PictureX034.jpg     Image PictureX035.jpg
Master bathroom PictureX034 We'll be needing new electric outlets.

Image PictureX036.jpg     Image PictureX037.jpg     Image PictureX038.jpg
Skylight in the retreat in the master suite PictureX037 Guest (middle) bedroom. Consider updating the closets - mirror doors, not monotone, etc ...

Image PictureX039.jpg     Image PictureX040.jpg
The room doors have since been updated to the 6-panel "Colonist" style. PictureX040

Image PictureX041.jpg     Image PictureX042.jpg     Image PictureX043.jpg
Hall bathroom PictureX042 PictureX043

Image PictureX044.jpg     Image PictureX045.jpg
Front bedroom - now a guest room PictureX045

Image PictureX046.jpg     Image PictureX047.jpg
mirror doors, please, and new knobs above. PictureX047

Image PictureX048.jpg     Image PictureX049.jpg     Image PictureX050.jpg
PictureX048 PictureX049 PictureX050

Image PictureX051.jpg     Image PictureX052.jpg     Image PictureX054.jpg
PictureX051 PictureX052 PictureX054

Image PictureX053.jpg

Image PictureX055.jpg     Image PictureX056.jpg
PictureX055 Woof...

Image PictureX057.jpg     Image PictureX058.jpg
PictureX057 PictureX058

Image PictureX059.jpg     Image PictureX060.jpg     Image PictureX061.jpg
front yard is huge! Awesome car, underneath fruit-bearing tree harboring pigeons ... PictureX061

Image PictureX062.jpg     Image PictureX063.jpg     Image PictureX064.jpg
PictureX062 PictureX063 PictureX064

Image PictureX065.jpg     Image PictureX066.jpg     Image PictureX067.jpg
PictureX065 PictureX066 PictureX067

Image PictureX068.jpg     Image PictureX069.jpg     Image PictureX070.jpg
PictureX068 PictureX069 Two houses to the left...

Image PictureX071.jpg
The other house next door.